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An overview of FRC

An introduction to activities

Research results

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TOP@>@An introduction to activities
An introduction to activities

Following is an introduction to the Centerfs R & D and support facilities.

  • Research groups(receive up to 1.5 million yen in assistance each year for a two year period)

    The Centerfs research groups are established and operated as a part of efforts to clarify tasks related to recycling based on the emission and processing of waste matter, and to facilitate the selection of the individuals necessary to resolve these tasks.

  • Cooperative research projects(receive up to 10 million yen in assistance each year for a three year period)

    The Center forms cooperative research projects aimed at resolving issues brought to light by the research groups and it also provides support for practical research activities by deciding the roles that concerned individuals are to play in these projects.

  • Supporting the Execution of Research Results

    The Center provides support for regional development based on research results. The Center also provides sites for demonstration testing free of charge.