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Cooperative research projects
From amongst recycling research groups, the Center selects and evaluates those research groups whose research has progressed to the stage where implementation can be anticipated. Pursuant to this process, the Center also initiates collaborative research projects and provides the necessary support for these efforts.

Cooperative Research Projects

  • Compositional requirements
  • An R & D team consisting of two or more individuals representing industry, academia, government or the private sector (NPO)

  • Fields targeted
  • Any recycling technology or social system that is recognized as being substantively new in R & D terms, which has real potential for implementation within Fukuoka Prefecture, and which contributes to a recycling-oriented society.

Research Period and Outlays for Support

  • Research Period
  • Three years or less (the agreement will be in the form of an annual contract; continuation for the next fiscal year will decided after an assessment is carried out)

  • Outlays for Support
  • 10 million yen per year or less