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In an effort to help realize a recycling-oriented society, the Center supports the research and development, as well as expansion of, public systems and recycling technologies carried out cooperatively between industry, academia, the government and the private sector.
Research groups are established with the goal of supporting the R & D efforts of public systems and recycling technologies that are novel and which have superior potential for implementation.

Procedures for Establishing Study Groups

  1. Procedures for public appeals
  2. * Public appeals will be carried each year during the first couple of weeks of April. At the time of study group selection, prospective subjects for study will be selected based on whether they are substantively new, have good potential for implementation and will contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society.
    * When requesting public input, guidance regarding how to make suggestions will appear on the Center’s homepage.
  3. Procedures for consultations and research planning
  4. * The Center ordinarily accepts proposals for research themes as well as consultations regarding recycling. For items that are substantively new and have good potential for implementation, key issues related to the proposal are extracted and critical subject matter is outlined.
    * At this planning stage, details regarding the research are examined, with proposals selected and evaluated by the Center and the most promising proposals adopted by the research groups.

Research Groups

  • Compositional requirements
  • An R & D team consisting of two or more individuals representing industry, academia, government or the private sector (NPO)

  • Fields targeted
  • Any recycling technology or social system that is recognized as being substantively new in R & D terms, which has real potential for implementation within Fukuoka Prefecture, and which contributes to a recycling-oriented society.

Research Period and Outlays for Support

  • Research Period
  • Two years or less (the agreement will be an annual contract; continuation for the next fiscal year will be decided after an assessment is carried out)

  • Outlays for Support
  • 1.5 million yen per year or less

    * Please note that if research has progressed to the point where implementation can be anticipated, it is possible to provide up to an additional 10 million yen for the three-year period set aside as the cooperative research project stage.