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A Message from the Governor upon the Inauguration of the Fukuoka
Research Center for Recycling Systems

The 21st Century is said to be the "Century of the Environment."
To mark the beginning of the 21st Century, Fukuoka Prefecture has inaugurated the Fukuoka Research Center for Recycling Systems in order to lead the way in building a recycling-oriented society.
In looking back at the 20th Century, the industrial economy was greatly developed, no doubt enriching our lives. However, our present social economic system of mass-production, mass-consumption and mass-disposal has caused serious environmental problems on a regional, national and global scale.
To pass on the beauty of nature, this green earth, to the next generation, we must aim for a recycling-oriented society that does not overburden the environment by actively promoting efforts in our own region.
To this purpose, this Center, under a framework of joint research with participants from industry, academic, government and citizen and NPO sectors, will perform comprehensive research on recycling technology and a recycling-oriented social system, supporting regional implementation of the results.
Collaboration between public and private sectors, I have great hope that new industries and systems that support the future recycling-oriented society will be created and that this Center will contribute to environmental conservation both within and outside of Japan.

                       Wataru ASO, Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture