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Fukuoka Research Center for Recycling Systems' various activities

Welcome to the Fukuoka Research Center for Recycling Systems

 In order to solve the present environmental issues, we must change our society's economic system from one of mass-production, mass-consumption and mass-disposal to one oriented to the recycling of resources.

 The private sector, citizens, NPOs, public administrations and others are grappling with establishing a recycling system, however, various problems such as developing technology, the logistics of collecting separated waste and ensuring a market still must be dealt with.

 Because of the existing conditions, this center was established in June of 2001 as an organization to promote policy that takes on the construction of a recycling-oriented society with the cooperation of public and private sectors(industry,academia,government and citizens).

 Specifically, this center will coordinate public and private sectors in joint research with the aim of configuring a recycling system rooted in the local society and support the implementation of the results of that research.

 Our center will be promoting work in the following three major areas: implementation of joint research on recycling technology and a recycling-oriented social systems; regional dispersion and implementation support of the research results; and transmission of environmental and recycling information.

 In order to promote the Center's work smoothly, we will be assisting in the joint research by providing land for demonstration tests and in other ways.

 We ask for your enthusiastic participation as we carry out our work around all parts of Fukuoka Prefecture in order that we might develop a system that becomes a model recycling-oriented social system.

Masataka Hanashima ,Center Manager of the Fukuoka Research Center for Recycling Systems