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Recycling Research Functions

The Center was Created in an Effort to Realize a Recycling-Oriented Society

  • The socio-economic environment surrounding recycling is in a state of flux. However, even with this being the case, there are still various issues that need to be resolved pursuant to establishing a systematic approach to recycling. These issues include technological development, matching separation/recovery to such an approach, guaranteeing markets, and so on.
  • In its role as a research institution dedicated to policy implementation, the Center is proactively engaged in efforts to resolve these issues.

Combining Industry, Academia, Government and the Private Sector

  • With members of industry, academia, government and the private sector working in cooperation, the Center is quickly becoming the foundation for guidance in efforts to create a recycling-oriented society. For this reason, not only technological researchers, but also cultural researchers, administrative officials, NPOs and so on are actively participating in research & development efforts at the Center.

Aiming for the Creation of a Recycling-Oriented Society Based on the Three Main Functions of the Center