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An overview of FRC

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An overview of FRC

In order to meet the environmental challenges that we face today, we must transform our socio-economic system of mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal to one of resource circulation.
Aiming to realize this transformation, cooperative research initiatives between industry, academia, government and the private sector are being undertaken to develop recycling technologies and related public systems. FRC was established as a centralized base to provide support for such initiatives.

  • Greeting from the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture

    The Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture provides a greeting on the occasion of the opening of the Fukuoka Research Center for Recycling Systems.

  • Center Activities

    The Director of FRC introduces the Center and provides an explanation regarding its activities.

  • Recycling Research Functions

    An introduction to the duties of the Center is provided based on the three functions of the Center (R & D/program execution support function, environmental information function, international environmental personnel training function).

  • Organizational Composition

    The structure of FRC is introduced.