• ◎When using public transportation Take the Kitakyushu city bus bound for Science and Technology Park from the West Exit of the JR Orio Station and get off at Gakken City Hibikino. The journey takes about 15 minutes.
  • ◎10 minutes by taxi from JR Orio Station
  • ◎20 minutes by car from the Kitakyushu City Highway Kurosaki Ramp headed towards Orio Station

Area map

Kitakyushu Science and Technology Park Map
  • 1. Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University
  • 2. Kyushu Branch of Science and Technology Research Center, Waseda University
  • 3. Industry-academia Collaboration Center, annex
  • 4. Academic Information Center
  • 5. Kyushu Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Life Science and Engineering
  • 6. Conference Hall
  • 7. Information Technology Development Center
  • 8. Joint Research and Development Center
  • 9. Kitakyushu City University, Faculty of International Environmental Engineering / Graduate School of International Environmental Engineering
  • 10. International Student Center
  • 11. Environmental Energy Center
  • 12. Waseda University Faculty and Research Staff Dormitory
  • 13. The University of Kitakyushu Faculty Dormitory

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Fukuoka Research Commercialization Center For Recycling Systems

808-0135 Kitakyushu, Wakamatsu-ku, Hibikino 2-1
Kitakyushu Science and Technology Park, Center for Industry-Academia Collaboration, 4F
TEL: (093) 695-3065 Fax: (093) 695-3066