In order to establish a sound material-recycling society, the Fukuoka Research Commercialization Center For Recycling Systems supports research and development aimed at practical use to promote the development of recycling technologies and the establishment of a societal system in which industry, academia, government and the private sector (NPOs) cooperate with each other.

Support System Outline

  Time Period Support Amount

Research Groups

Up to 2 years Approx. 1 million yen / year

Joint Research Projects

In principle, with in 2 years Up to 10 million yen / year
Chart: Cooperation System in Joint Research
In order to deal with waste material, we are pushing for the research and development to aid in the establishment of a societal system that values recycle technology and the separation of waste. Using the themes put forth from industry / academia / government / and the private sector, research teams are organized and joint research and development are put into action. They are sometimes also used as reference points for Fukuoka's Prefectural Research and Testing Institute. Furthermore, they sometimes propose projects to the State, etc.


Promotion of Collaborative Research by Experienced Coordinators

The main feature is that a coordinator is assigned for each research topic to support the promotion of research.
Coordinators make use of the rich knowledge and experience in the private sector and give advice for commercialization from the consultation stage.
Additionally, in the process of public advertisement for participants in research groups, a preliminary acceptance period was established with coordinators interviewing the applicants between the preliminary acceptance and the public advertisement for participants. We make adjustments to get participants involved with industry-academia-government-affiliated organizations and research and testing institutions.


Arrangement of Commercialization Schedule

When establishing a research group, we research issues and organize a research schedule aimed at commercialization and support with optimal steps for commercialization, including making use of externally funded projects as well as joint research projects.
With regard to external funds, in addition to raising operating expenses related to policy tasks from Fukuoka Prefecture, we also propose joint research to the country and special status corporations, etc., and aim to secure research grants.

Chart: The Flow of Support from the Stage of Joint Research to Commercialization
We support a move towards commercialization, starting first with the research groups, and including external investors. Commercialization is examined in the proposal stage along with scheduling and logistics, and a plan that agrees with the research is put into place.

※ "Industry" includes one or more companies with operations in Fukuoka Prefecture


Provision of research funds (outsourcing of joint research)

In “research groups” and “joint research projects”, we support joint research teams with funds for joint research.

Demonstration Test Site

Demonstration facilities can be built at the "Demonstration Testing Site for the Fukuoka Research Commercialization Center For Recycling Systems" located in the Kitakyushu Eco Town Demonstration Research Area, and research and development with an aim at commercialization can be commenced.
For research topics adopted by the center's research groups and joint research projects, this demonstration test site can be used at no extra charge. "

  • Guide map for the Fukuoka Research Commercialization Center For Recycling Systems located in the Kitakyushu Eco Town Demonstration Research Area