Realizing a Recyclable Society Based on Effective Utilization of Metal Waste as Heat Dissipation Material Sludge

– Recycle metal sludge, which is industrial waste, and upgrade it to cutting-edge filler! –
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Research Outline
This research project focuses on extremely fine metallic microparticulates of several tens of micrometers to nanometers extracted from metallic sludge produced by metal cutting work as industrial waste. This project aims to develop an effective method for collecting metallic particulates and making applications with high values using metallic particulates (especially functional macromolecular composites).
Research Results
Focusing on metallic microparticulates that are extracted from cutting chips (metal sludge) produced by metal cutting work, we have developed functionality that provides a new function by blending metallic microparticulate powder, which is processed by oxidoreduction and other similar processes, with resin.
The filler*, which was finally developed, features high permeability and insulating performance, while advanced applications are expected as products for next-generation 5G smartphones and high-frequency (GHz) electromagnetic wave absorbers.

*Filler: A filling material. Blending this material with resin can provide functionality, nature, and property, which the original material does not have. 
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